(a) First and foremost, the show Pretty Little Liars is in fact digitized which is an important concept of convergence. This show can be accessed on many different devices such as a television, cell phone, computer, etc. To do this it requires things such as wifi, cable, power/electricity, cellular data if using my phone without wifi, for televisions I need all sorts of cords, if I wanted to rewatch an episode I would need a DVR, microchips and other complex integrated tools inside my technological items. In order to use this we need keyboards, remotes, chargers, touchpad, etc.

(b) Pretty Little Liars is a show that displays cyborgs. First, it uses 2 of the “border crossing” examples. One is blurring between people and machines. The people on this show rely on costume designers to make and give them the best, high end fashion. These clothing items and jewelry require machines to create them. The people on the show wear makeup so makeup artists use different brushes and things to apply the makeup. It also blurs the physical world and non physical world since the show does show up on a screen. I believe this show strongly shows the “Homework Economy.” Since the show is led by 5 female characters, fill with many other strong female roles, it expresses feminism to the max. It displays some of the difficulties women go through as well as the empowerment of feminism as well. It also expresses feminism in the male characters as well. It expresses this both ways because this show really represents the culture of our world today with how people interact with each other.