Watching music videos is one of my favorite pastimes. I usually watch them on my PlayStation 4 despite it predominantly being used to play video games. In order to gain access to the my PlayStation I use the game controller. The PlayStation can also download apps with its connection to the internet. The app that I watch music videos on is YouTube. You can interact with the app by leaving comments for the recorder and viewers to see. And rate the video by liking it or disliking it. Based on your likes YouTube will suggest videos for you to watch.


YouTube has a very wide variety of videos, some showing numerous examples of cyborgs. First, in order to make a video for YouTube a camera is needed along with someone to operate it. The designers of the video uses tools to create the set. I am pretty sure that most music videos are scripted and directed. So use of the a computer and printer to make the script could be a cyborg. The people in the music videos itself could be using machines, devices, or tools of some element showing even more example for cyborgs.