So it is to no surprise that Grey’s Anatomy is my favorite transmedia story to follow. I can watch thes series via Netflix, Hulu, or the ABC channel. On Thursday’s I can even live tweet to the creator of the show, Shonda Rhimes, or one of the characters played by actors. As an added bonus, there are sites out there that sell some of the popular quotes from some of the character such as Derek Shepherd, Meredith Grey, or Christina Yang. If you have ever watched the show on any of the platforms I mentioned before, you know that there is a lot that goes on not only in every episode but in every season. For those who have not watched the show (seriously go watch it, you will not regret it), the show follows various different doctors and interns as they interact with each other in the hospital setting and outside the hospital such as homes and Joe’s bar. The show takes you on this wild roller coaster ride with your feelings for the characters during their high and low moments.

When reading through the article, I noticed that the show is not only successful because of the actors. It takes a dedicated team of writers, extras, stunt doubles, set designers, costume designers, and makeup artists to pull everything together. There is a known boundary that yes this show is fictional and the things that the characters are going through are not actually happening in their life, but it deals with situations that are happening to people all over the world somewhere. The show really touches base with the feelings that it can happen to you. The article did state that “The ‘New Industrial Revolution’ is producing a new worldwide working class, as well as new sexualities and ethnicities (Haraway 305).” I find this to be true because the show was created and directed by a woman and most of the cast members are women. It is not a show that is predominantly white males. In this new age and era, there are women taking over the main screen, of different ethnicities, and there are even some who still handle the work load while being pregnant. They are not just tending to the household and raising children anymore, they are making a living just like men.