Disney centers their entire being around the ability of convergence. For example, my favorite Disney movie is Frozen. Not only can I watch Frozen over and over again, I can play games that involve the characters of Frozen and even purchase physical objects that represent the Frozen characters. Disney also has it’s own TV network where tweets and other social media is used to interact with those watching Frozen at the current time its on. Disney makes it easy to access these forms of not just Frozen, but all of the movies they produce. Specifically, a game called Magic Kingdoms, allows players to earn characters and then replay certain parts of that character’s movie. Disney gives it’s fans the ability to always interact and stay connected with their favorite Disney characters through the power of convergence.


If you have ever gone to Disney World, then you have seen countless numbers of Disney Cyborgs. Humans dressed in the attire of characters to give guests the ability to physically interact with their favorite movie characters? Wow! That’s insane! They are definitely some type of cyborg to have that ability. Disney uses it’s cyborgs to bring guests dreams come true. And the best part, Disney will even give you a chance to be a cyborg of the Disney world. It can be found in the gift shop for a hefty price.