Quentin Tarantino’s, Django Unchained, was on Netflix and for some time and I took advantage of watching it as much as possible. I’ve watched it on my Xbox, my computer, and even on my iPad. This trans media movie needs the internet connection in oder to play it as well as a device that has Netflix on it. Convergence can’t help but be present when watching television nowadays, television online that is.
Quentin Tarantino thinks, hears, talks, and sees like a cyborg when writing and directing his films. He has to do an incredible amount of research on the internet before he even begins to write his scripts. He has to tell the actors and actresses what to do and how to act like while trying to picture the whole movie. He hears and sees their actions through the camera and head phones to ensure they are doing what he envisioned. Tarantino is definitely a cyborg hands down. His costume designers also have to do an imense amount of research on computers. They may even draw their costumes on their computers before creating them. Stitches don’t stitch themselves so these cyborgs have to get out their sewing machines and equipment to help them out. The camera man is of course another cyborg because he can’t see without a machine. Well, he can’t record at least.
As most fans know Tarantino almost always puts himself in his films even if it’s a small role. In Django he plays an Australian employee at The LeQuint Dickey Mining Company. While he was directing this scene he had to act as well. I don’t think he feels he must do it because it is such a small role, he could have used anyone. Having to do both is using many of his talents that could have been used all for one to make one great scene. Not saying that is was bad but who knows how it could have been if he put all his focus on one thing.