Convergence can be seen vividly with the TV show, The Walking Dead. It’s available on Netflix, Hulu, etc. and can even be found online for free. You can walk in just about any general department style store or entertainment store and find something related to The Walking Dead; anything from toys, to books, to keychains and even video games can be found at any popular store of that nature. This gets people further involved with the show/comic book and helps build the fanbase and bridge the connection of the writers with their audience. People are able to interact with the series through all these mentioned outlets and even at comic conventions internationally.


Haraway’s definition of a cyborg is the blur of human and machine. In The Walking Dead, the characters on the show could considered cyborg’s as they are these humans forced to adapt to this post apocalyptic lifestyle where they are constantly having to fight for their lives. The machine part could be their will as seen in their constant struggle for survival.