One show that I never seem to miss is the show The fosters. This show come on Monday night on the channel Freeform and can also be accessed on your computer such as Amazon, Itunes or right on the Freeform go website. There are four components to convergence. The first component is communication delivery system. I usually watch The Fosters on my computer which I have to be connected to the wifi. I usually pay to watch it on Amazon even though it it is free to watch it on the TV because my aunt tapes other shows and I usually do not get TV time with her around. If I did watch it on my TV I would have to be hooked up to the cable as for the same if I watched in on the freeform go website, which you have to log in to your TV provider to watch for free. The next component is the hardware. Like I said I watch The Fosters off of my computer or my TV when I actually get to use the TV. The third component of convergence is digitized context.  The Fosters always has some sort of music in ever episode express the feeling and mood of the scene. During the show sometime they do live tweets that you can talk about the show while watching on. The finial component is computerist technology. You can’t watch The Fosters live since it is a TV Show and it is filmed months in advanced and edited so they show the parts they want you to see. One thing you can do is when I watch it off my computer I can rewind and pause the video if I want to. I can also come back to the video at at a later time.


Haraway says that cyborgs are humans. Cyborgs is the mess between human and machine. In the show The Fosters they man characters are two mothers who are lesbian raising a house full of foster kids. The mothers have to work like machines to keep up with the kids and make sure that they are doing the right thing.  Also, in the show they have to build sets such as the house they live in and the cars they drive to get around in. All these different sets and costumes lead to show that the writes of the show needs “machines” to make the show.