Hulu is an online service that lets you stream movies and television shows. One of the television shows I use Hulu to watch is a show called The Twilight Zone. The Twilight Zone is a combination of horror, science fiction, superstition, and comedy.It tells many stories written by Rod Sterling about many different topics. Its first episode aired in 1959 and became very popular series. This show is shown in transmedia storytelling because it contains 5 full seasons on Hulu. This show is also shown on the other very popular streaming service Netflix. It is also available online on a CBS website where you can watch full episodes of the show. You can interact with this show by leaving comments, giving ratings of the show, and contacting Hulu about the show. Viewers can also see ratings and descriptions about the show on websites like Where you can also comment on what you think about the descriptions or the actual show.


Writer, directors, costume designers, producers etc all experience being a cyborg. Being a cyborg meaning they mesh the lines of human and machine. They work with machines to create new things for their audiences to view. A show I currently watch where this is displayed is Superstore, this show tells the life’s of fun and interesting sales associates that work at a large retail store called “Cloud 9”. The writers, directors, and producers are considered cyborgs because they work with cameras, microphones, computers, and other equipment to create an episode in the series. In the show they also work with different technology like cash registers and microphones to serve their customers, this could also be an example of being a cyborg from Haraway’s definition. Haraway also presented a definition of homework economy which is that digital technology has devalued our work and makes us have to work 24/7. He also stated that this makes us easily replaceable. This is shown in the show Superstore because the actors in the show also work in other areas possibly to keep their relevance. This is so they won’t get inevitably replaced by someone else for any type of reason.