Within this particular span of eight seconds (approximately), we are further informed on Vork as a character, not only giving us a glimpse of his “domain”, but also hinting that his anal-retentive nature may, in fact, be hereditary. For a split second at the beginning of this clip, the first image we catch is that of Codex in a close up shot with deep space and shallow focus. To put this part in context, Zaboo has just plopped down into the chair where Vork’s grandfather died recently. After a somewhat insensitive comment made by Zaboo, Vork continues giving a tour of his house, but not before Codex is given a short reaction shot. Though it is somewhat in the way of deep space (with Vork’s house in the mid-ground and the neighborhood outside in the background), the shallow focus highlights Codex’s reaction to Zaboo’s problematic obliviousness to the feelings of everyone around him, a feeling which is all to familiar with. Therefore, it comes off as a sigh of almost sheer hopelessness regarding Zaboo’s inability to take a hint, or be anything other than a socially awkward mama’s boy.

This reaction is spliced in the middle of what started out as a long shot with deep space and focus, and ended in a somewhat medium long shot with the actors walking towards the left side of the camera. With all the grounds in focus for this shot, we not only get further incite into the life of Vork, but into the character of his grandfather. Aside from the dusty old chair and the grand piano giving the room a sort of aged and old-fashioned quality, we also are given a couple of clues that suggest these strict and bureaucratic habits of Vork’s may have been passed down from his deceased grandpa. On the wall in the background we can clearly see a watercolor painting of Jesus Christ, suggesting a religious influence in Vork’s immediate family, giving us a different outlook on the reason for his social and habitual conservatism. By the use of tarps covering most of the furniture, such as the grand piano, the value of certain items as antiques simultaneously adds to both Grandpa’s age as well as Vork’s penny-pinching fever, most likely covering the items to lower the risk of damage, thus making them easier to sell later. The sight of the grand piano by itself suggests a musical background for Vork’s Grandpa, something that requires daily practice and strict, forward concentration. This musicianship may have influenced Vork’s need for a daily routine.

Finally, our last shot in the clip is a close up shot with somewhat of a deep space and shallow focus, giving primary attention to the framed photo sitting on the stand that lives next to the comfy chair; a black and white photo featuring Vork in a surprisingly casual black polo, and Grandpa Vork (“played” by the same actor) in his infamous business suit. This shot, first and foremost, is partly here to remind any fan returning for season 2 that Vork is not only living in his Grandfather’s house, but living off the dead man’s welfare checks as well. Another piece of information brought back from memory is the fact that throughout the first season Vork was wearing Grandpa’s suit, hinting at a very close relationship between the two. Also notable is how similar the two look in terms of facial features (both bald, long necks, funneled mouth, etc.). This especially is probably the biggest clue that Vork inherited his behavior from his grandfather, seeing how they both seem to be clones. The exaggerated nature of the series allows the logic that since the two look alike, they might as well act alike. With this show, that concept is not considered farfetched.