Recording: Clara’s Time Alone

In this scene above, Vork had just gotten killed once again by Clara’s alternative character, whom Vork claims has been stalking him. Upon switching to Clara, the camera is in a close-up position while she laughs maniacally and a handful of potato chips into her mouth. The close-up allows for the viewer to see that she has not quite been taking care of herself during her weekend alone time. Her hair is unkempt, empty potato chip bags can be seen in the background, and she has potato chip crumbs on her left shoulder.

Any doubts the viewer had about her not taking care of herself are spurned when the camera angle changes and transitions into a long shot. Instead of merely a couple potato chip bags left in the room, now the viewer sees numerous potato chips bags scattered everywhere, empty soda cans and beer bottles, and what appears to be a full trash bag. The use of the cinematography in this scene reveals not only how little she cares about her appearance and surroundings, but also how obsessed she is over the game.