In this shot they are making fun of Codex for throwing up on someone. The one girl has been up for 48 hours straight and they try talking her into going to sleep. As the girls are having that “girl talk” type of scene when you have the troubled one, the comforter one, and the one who makes fun of the two. The other is trying to comfort Codex by telling her that it’s okay and has nothing to worry about so she doesn’t have to feel bad. As it keeps switching between shots. As they all video chat together and talk this video shows a few forms of Cinematography in it.

One of the forms of Cinematography that the video uses is close-up shots to show that webcam kind of look expressing them as they talk to each other. But it also uses the medium close-up shot to show you where the person is and how they are expressing themselves. As movement is important to express the characters reactions or to improve the line they are saying. They didn’t using any panning in the video I recorded. I liked how they used the close-up shot, it is almost like a steady shot like they are holding the camera but it’s more like the webcam shot. Since they met each other they seem to use the webcam to talk to each other more.