In this scene in “The Guild”, Vork is seen holding a timer in his hand that represents a Close up shot with deep space and shallow focus. Vork repeats “96 minutes till the server is up”, in which he is anticipating that he can return to playing the virtual world game. The cinematographer is emphasizing that the timing until the server is back and working is really important to Vork. With the deep space and shallow focus of a close up of the timer allows the audience to realize how critical it is that Vork can return to playing The Guild.

This clip also shows the importance of color that is placed in Vork’s shed. The darker color of the scene goes in hand with the dialog that the men are having a “guys” night and are hanging out in a man cave type setting. With the scene being dark it also helps the audience to visualize that it is night time and that they are now having the guy’s night that corresponded to what they had mentioned and planned on doing in an earlier scene.