Cinematography is seen in this clip from “The Guild” as the camera focuses on the conversation between Vork and Codex. When each of the characters speak in the conversation the camera switches to that person. Vork is sitting at a table in this scene and the camera shows a deep focus, as if the camera is standing behind Codex listening to the conversation. Even though the camera focuses on Vork’s profile, you can see Codex’s shoulder closer to the camera slightly blurred. With the deep focus feature, items closer to the camera are blurred while the focus of the shot is further away. When Codex is speaking the camera is showing shallow focus, where she is closer up and the focus while the setting in the background is blurred. The intensity of the conversation is the focus of this scene, while there is no interaction with the setting. It allows the audience to focus on what they are saying in the conversation versus what is going on in the background.