This short clip shows how different angles and persectives can make a scene look more excentric. In this scene Codex tries to ask out a guy that she likes and gets a funny suprise. This scene has a shot that shows the guy aproaching while still showing Codex playing the volin. This shot makes Codex look talented and creative all at the same time. The angle also shows Codex’s eventual encounter with the guy thats she is interested in. Once he notices her and becomes interested he aproaches and talks to her. At this point the director shows an over the shoulder view of Codex while she conversates with Wade

This persepective shot puts you in the shoes of Codex while she talks to Wade. This also gives insight on Wade’s hyper personality and gives him room to show Codex his movie part. Wade has fake zombie makeup on throughout this scene which scares Codex the whole time. The scene also shows a good view of Codex’s fear when she sees Wade’s face. The persepctive shots and the angles are what really made this scene pop out to the audience.