To begin, as we have seen, this scene is a lot more intense with the music playing in the background, nevertheless it is still quite entertaining and I believe it shows great examples of the different focuses and shots in cinematography.

The first part of the clip we see is Clara with a wire to her computer, trying to plug it back in. I believe this is a close up shot because Clara’s face seems to be the main object. The focus is shallow because the wire, as well as the whole background, is out of focus while only Clara’s face is in focus. The next part of the clip is a medium close up shot of Codex and Zaboo. I think this is shallow focus as well because the foreground, being 2 people, is in focus while the background is out of focus. To continue, the next part of the clip is a shot of an outlet/plug in spot and Clara holding the wire to her computer. Again I believe this is shallow focus because the background is blurred while the foreground is clear. I’m not 100% sure what type of shot this is, but I want to say it is a close up shot because it shows the full object of the outlet, which I believe to be the main focus of this part. Again, it goes back to a medium close of up Codex and Zaboo with shallow focus. Lastly, for a split second it goes back to the same part in the very beginning of this clip, instead Clara’s hand with the wire is almost completely blocking her face and you can’t make it out at all, it looks like a black blob. Then it shows the part with the outlet and wire again with shallow focus, close up shot, this time with the wire making it into the outlet.