Frantzdy Pierrot



In the Guild season 2, it is really interesting to watch each character because the viewers expected everybody to be different each season or act a certain way. However, no one in the Guild has changed especially, Zaboo. He is still obsessing with Codex and keep on stalking her. He forces himself into her apartment and claims that he is in a relationship with her which is not true. He refused to leave her alone and does not want to find his own place to live. As result Codex suggested him to go live with Volk since he is leaving alone and also she believes they have a lot in common. Volk agreed to let Zaboo stays with him at his grandfather house.

In this scene above Zaboo and Codex are on their way to Volk’s house they walking side by side on the street. The camera is focused on them, and the background, not the entire area. This scene is an example, of long shot cinematography because it is Deep space, Deep focus, Foreground, and Middle-ground all of this levels are in clear focus. However, when they start walking towards the camera it switches into a medium long shot where we could only see from half of their body, from knees to face. The director chooses to show cinematography by switching from long shot to a medium long shot of them walking in order to show the audience their body languages and reactions in a dangerous neighborhood. Even though the main characters are what we supposed to be focused on but they do not fill the entire frame of the scene. In the background, everything was not shallow focus it was very clear. The viewers were able to see a homeless person seating down on the floor drinking alcohol, Trash everywhere, hearing police sirens, Parking meter, Cars driving by on the road and also some sort of business in the background. From this shot, the audience can automatically assume that this is a bad neighborhood and it is not safe to base on this establishment shot.The Medium long shot on codex and Zaboo show their facial expression and their body languages. For example, Codex body languages tell the audience that she is uncomfortable walking to a neighborhood like that because she looks afraid. She was held on to her bag really tight because she thinks someone might try to steal it. Zaboo looks comfortable and also shouted “Black power and Brown power” on the street. Which tells the audience this is a low-income neighborhood most likely to be a  black neighborhood.