In this scene of The Guild, Zaboo is watching himself in the mirror while doing bicep curls and giving himself self confidence and motivation to keep going. He is doing this to impress Codex with something other than his video game playing skills.  The director chooses to show cinematography by switching from a medium close up of Vork making himself breakfast to a medium long shot of Zaboo lifting weights. This medium long shot is done to show the viewers that he is interested in keeping himself healthy to impress Codex.

The director shows cinematography by going back and fourth between Vork and Zaboo to show Vork’s judgement of Zaboo as he is working out and talking to himself. The director does this with a close up of Vorks head to show the audience the look on his face while Zaboo is lifting weights. The audience can connect with Vork more with a close up shot because we can tell by the look on his face, how he is feeling towards Zaboo in this scene. The director also creates a medium long shot to show both Zaboo and Vork in the same room and it also shows a the reaction coming from Vork better.  In this moment you can tell what Vork is thinking just by his facial expressions.