This clip displays a myriad of important cinematography, even though it only displays a certain character for a length of time. The different angles, and the widespread color scheme helps display certain emotions and thoughts when the scene cuts to that character. I specifically want to talk about those angles and color schemes

When the camera cuts to Tink and Bladezz we get a younger feeling for them due to their framing. They appear shorter, younger, like they are too small for their desks. Meanwhile, when the camera cuts to Codex, the audience gets a much more professional feeling from her being centered in the frame, with adequate headspace. While both scenes have shallow focus, and are set up similarly, that one difference in framing(along with the coloration which I’ll speak of in a moment) makes all the difference.

In color scheme, there is much to be talked about that has already been said. Codex is red and green. Her green energizes the frame and allows her to stop out. I did some research outside of the videos and found that there are five different color schemes in cinematography: complementary, analogous, triadic, split-complementary, tetradic. Codex would be complementary which interestingly enough symbolizes internal or external conflict. She is at war with herself in her actions, and in her color choices. Likewise, Bladezz and Tink are both analogous which gives you a warmer feeling in their frames.