On the second season of the Guild season 2 go to minute 53.29-53.43 if the link messes up.

The cinematography presented in the video I listed above is a master piece much like the rest of the scenes in the Guild season 2. This particular scene is at Codex’s house party and her crush just walked in with a beautiful girl. This upsets Codex of course so she reaches out to her friend Clara for support. Clara is all game to defend Codex until she hears body shots in the background and she runs off leaving Codex. The rise-en-scene presented allows the audience to feel as if it were just that a house party. It’s raw and close up to the characters giving an intimate feel to the whole situation. This encourages the audience to feel as though they are right there with Codex and Clara. They can empathize with her situation, most everyone has been let down by a crush or put in this type of situation. The camera scene is focused on a close up of Codex and Clara, blurring out the background causing the focus to be shallow. The frame rate is at a normal pace making it feel like an everyday life scene. The scene switches for a brief moment on Codex’s crush as she points him out to Clara. This scene is a mid shot because it focuses on the waist and above of the three people. This is important because it makes the audience feel as if they are right there with Codex and Clara seeking past a small crowd to look at this guy.