The scene that I chose from The Guild  is”Scene from The Guild“. In this scene they are discussing with each other about the game and realized that Zaboo has not been on in 2 days. They find this odd because Zaboo has never missed a session before. They even said that he found time to play when he was at a funeral for a family member. Codex even brought up that maybe they are online too much. Clara came in and apologized for not being online lately and blamed it on the fact that her nanny was not doing her job well.

Codex is becoming to think that they play too much and it is taking away from their real lives. They are online almost everyday, and spend most of their time online. The scene I chose was a scene that went from character to character as they spoke to each other online. The angles were head on and showed each character at their desktops. In a way, the scenes show what each of their everyday life is like. The camera switches quickly as they speak to each other and the background portrays the mood of each character. The director holds the camera on the scene of Codex to show that she is truly concerned. This scene is to show that she truly cares.