In the short video shown from “The Guild”, Codex is talking to Zaboo about points on the game they are playing. With the scene the cinematographer does a close up of Codex’s face; showing that she is dismayed that she cannot play her game because she does not have enough points because she spent them on a bid. She quickly turns to Zaboo when he says he could win the points back for her then quickly turns back to the camera looking frustrated because the other players are saying she spent all her points on getting Zaboo.

The scene fits perfect with what is going on in “The  Guild”. The scene shows that Codex is in her room in front of her laptop talking with her friends about how she does not have enough of points to continue playing. At the same time, Zaboo told her he could help her gets points back by playing for her. As she turns around quickly to look at him you can tell that she does not want him playing for her.