One extension that I think Blac Chyna has is her fame. The fame and popularity had came from her romantic relationship with Tyga. The relationship brought attention and popularity to Chyna, and through the famous she created a name and brand for herself. This fame helped her become a big social media figure and promote her new brand of eyelashes. Without the attention from her ex relationship she wouldn’t have flourished as much as she does now in the business and social world.

Another extension is that is very major for The Kardashians is their popularity. They have tv show, a clothing line, and they are in magazine, not to mention all over the internet and social media. They are everywhere and everybody knows about them. Without all of this attention on them, their credibility would be not existent. Cause them to have a slower pace of this because of the lack of fame/money.

One major extension for Lost in Austen is that it was in a time before the toothbrush. Amanda shows Elizabeth the tools used to clean their teeth and it was just sticks and chalk. This would make the daily route of brushing your teeth more time consuming and less sanitary and effective. I’m pretty sure that that method also is unhealthy for your mouth. So there is a possibly that you could suffer a disease and/or injury from using those tools.

Another extension would be the use of lanterns. In order to find her room, Elizabeth had to light her path with a lantern in contrast to just switching the lights on. And for the lantern you need two many components to make it work successfully such as oil, a fire, and the lantern. This would slow down her pace because she would always have to have her lantern handy. And ths also breaks the pattern of just looking for the light switch in a dark room.