One of my favorite activities as a family is going to watch Clemson football games in the fall.  These games, to me, are an awesome way of displaying a transmedia story with a wide range of convergence.  A popular digital aspect of convergence is Twitter.  By following the main Twitter account (@clemsonfootball), fans are able to receive up to date information on stats, photos, videos, text, and more.  There are also opportunities for fans to give their opinion on the organization and to also share with others on Facebook if there are any big events involving the team.

Another way convergence is displayed in this transmedia story of football is through television.  Fans have the opportunity to watch the games in the comfort of their own homes or even record them to view later.  By watching the event on television, a fan can view scenes that someone may have missed while watching it live in the stadium.



Haraway states that humans are cyborgs.  We as humans are like machines in that we use certain technologies to live day to day.  The “workers” involved in the game are affected by this definition of cyborg.  The coaches wear headsets that help them communicate on the field to other coaches and players, while the players on the field wear gear (pads, helmets, mouthpieces, etc) that is considered their technology.  By working together as a team, the plays are coordinated and operate similar to that of a machine.  The plays are called and carried out by the players, as each person (or object in some cases) has a different job to complete when working as a machine.