The two different shots I chose focus on two of the main characters, Clara and Herman aka Vork.

The first shot includes Vork cooking bacon for his sandwich:


  1. Costume-his costume is a business suit showing us that he likes to dress as if he is employed in the business world, even though he is unemployed. He acts as a serious character, which fits well with the attire of a business suit.
  2. Lighting– the lighting for this shot includes key light. The key lighting appears to be on Vork’s left side due to the brightness on that side of him. There is some shadow present, which would indicate no other lighting was used.
  3. Setting and Décor– the setting appears to take place in a room, maybe his kitchen, which has all things Vork considers a necessity so that he does not have to get up from his computer and move throughout the day. There are various kitchen items around him, which allows him to make lunch and continue to play his game at the same time. This type of setting and décor give the impression that all he does daily is play games on his computer and does not really get out of his house much to interact with society.
  4. Space-the space surrounding Vork portrays a deep space. The foreground, mid ground, and background are all seen very clear. The griddle that he is making the bacon on is very clear and is lying on the foreground and even the mug and items on top of the microwave in the background are seen clearly. Everything surrounding him can be seen and identified properly.
  5. Acting- Vork continuously has a serious expression on his face throughout the season and is no different in this shot. He also speaks very serious in the scene.

The next shot includes Clara at home gaming:


  1. Costume-Clara wears a stylish tank top with a jacket over it indicating she is trying to fit in with today’s style. She is obviously a stay at home mom who is concerned with popular fashion.
  2. Lighting-the lighting in this shot shows two categories: key and fill light. The key light is coming from Clara’s left side, while the fill light is eliminating shadow. There seems to be no indication of backlight since Clara’s background is just right behind her.
  3. Setting and Décor-the setting takes place right beside her kitchen in a very small area, which contains her computer desk. Surrounding her is a tall flower arrangement, a cabinet with decorative figurines, and a child’s toy can also be seen. This indicates she is a mom that still wants her home to be somewhat decorated.
  4. Space-the space surrounding Clara is a shallow space and only contains the foreground. Only a few things are pictured in this shot.
  5. Acting-Clara portrays a very happy attitude with somewhat of a smile on her face. She is breast pumping while gaming and evidently not playing the game well since she only has one hand free.