In the first episode of Lost in Austen, Miss Price was unable to use her mobile phone when she arrived to Elizabeth Bennet’s home.  This extension is something the character uses daily and depends on this device as a means of communication.  When she realized it was out of use, the scale, pace, and pattern of her day was definitely changed, in that she had no means of communication to what she considered “her world,” as opposed to the new world she was in of the 1800s.  She was only able to talk to those around her and could not reach out to anyone else at the drop of a hat like a phone would have allowed her to.   Another extension that affected Miss Price was not having a normal toothbrush, or what the 21st century Miss Price considered normal.  When she was given twigs and forms of chalk/powder to brush her teeth, she had to adapt to this new form of hygiene, which would absolutely turn your day around if it was something you weren’t used to having in that form.

In the article, Real Housewives of Jane Austen, it describes how women try to use physical attraction to secure marriage, and by virtue of that marriage, advance into a social class they may not belong to by birth.  They feel this will secure themselves financially.  A certain portion of the article discusses the popular TV program, Who Wants To Marry A Multi-Millionaire.  This program provides numerous extensions that can change the scale, pace, and pattern of an ordinary person’s life.  A diamond ring, which was given to the winner Darva Conger, symbolizes a bond between two people that are showing their love to each other, however with a 3-carat diamond ring, this would also symbolize wealth.  Instant wealth would change the pattern, scale, and pace of your life forever perhaps and how you live your life day to day.  With becoming wealthy, a person would have many types of freedoms.  For example, if someone was worried about paying their monthly rent, wondering where their next meal would come from, etc, this instant wealth would help with the diminishing those worries.

People Magazine is another extension that was also mentioned.  This form of extension covers high society and provides pressure on those not in high society to obtain a place in it.  Being featured on the cover, or even an article, in the magazine would affect the scale, pace, pattern of Darva Conger’s life in that she would now be recognized as being a celebrity.  Her life changed instantly with swarming paparazzi and fans snooping about her new life with the millionaire. The characters from the early 1800s did not have this worry at all.