Sanditon, California is a town that mayor Tom Parker wanted to offer various health gyms and a juice bar in hopes of renovating the town into a spa like community for the residents and visitors. Gigi Darcy, a main character in the series, went to town with the intention to conduct a beta testing with her new editing app, Domino, on the residents of the town.   The idea of Domino was to have residents share their experiences and thoughts about the town, by ways such as talking to each other using their phone, posting videos, or blogging.   It worked similar to the way a community newspaper did in the past.

Clara, another main character in the series, owned Sanditon Scoops, which was the local ice cream shop. One of the on going arguments between she and mayor Parker was about closing down the ice cream parlor and transitioning it into a juice bar. Clara spent a lot of time providing blogs about recipes to advertise her shop in hopes of it remaining open.

In Welcome to Sanditon, the mini series offered a variety of interactivity. Below I have provided four ways that this was illustrated.

Communication: The entire series portrays the characters communicating with each other. When contacting someone through the Domino app the characters are talking to each other and can also see each other. Also the blogs that other users post are a type of communication in that they are sharing with others as to what they did that day. One popular activity that most users shared about was by attending craft night at Sanditon Scoops.

Exchange of information: One way this type of interactivity was shown in the series was by the recipes that Clara shared on her blog posts on the app. In video #7, Clara posted a video of her recipe for chocolate peanut butter banana juice. This allowed the viewers to get the recipe that was shown on the screen and allowed the viewer to learn a new recipe.

Navigation: Navigation allowed the users to learn the app for example making a call or posting a blog about what they did that day. This type of interactivity was portrayed throughout the series.

Acquisition: This type of interactivity allowed a user to acquire information or knowledge. A good example of this type of interactivity was shown in video #21 when the blog post of the new Hippie Bee Café and Food Store was shown. This allowed users to see what type of new openings were going on in town.