The portion of The Guild I chose was a scene when Codex and the stunt man ran in to each other on the staircase at their apartment complex. This was the first time they had interacted with each other. The first portion displays a medium close up shot, where Codex and the stunt man take up most of the screen with a few items around them, which are all seen in focus. The space gives what is known as a frontality type view of the characters with a shallow space between them and the building that can be seen.

The next shot displays Codex, once again with a medium close up shot and shallow space, but this time with a low angle position.

The camera then quickly changes to a high angle position showing the stunt man on the ground.   This time the shot portrays a medium long shot with the entire subject (the stunt man) in view. Everything around him is in focus with a little bit of a deeper space around him.