Costume: In this scene, Codex is wearing a green and grey striped tank top on top of a purple t-shirt. It looks like she is wearing no makeup and her hair is straight. In this scene, her appearance shows the viewer that she has a basic and simple style.

Setting and Decor: The setting for this scene seems to be Codex’s bedroom. A viewer is probably able to tell that she is messy because of the clothes sprawled out across the bed. There is also a colorful painting on the wall behind her that gives the room a little bit of character. The room contains a lot of the color green between her shirt, the blankets on her bed, and the color of the bedroom itself.

Lighting: There could be three sources of lighting in this scene. A viewer would be able to tell the scene is taking place during the day because you can see light coming into the room through the window. Codex also has the lamp on next to her bed. The third source of light could be from her computer screen.

Space: In this scene, the viewer can see a partial background and foreground. The viewer can tell that the scene was filmed in her bedroom and can tell that she is a little messy. The background also shows the painting on her wall and windows.

Acting: In this scene, Codex seems to be in denial about her gaming obsession. She is on the phone talking to her therapist about her addiction. Her therapist is not willing to help her anymore because she is not trying to work on her obsession with gaming. At the end of the scene, her therapist even hangs up on her. Codex is portraying denial pretty well in this scene.


Costume: In this scene, Vork is wearing a white dress shirt with a red and white striped tie. He is also wearing a green and white plastic visor and a black headset. He is wearing the black headset because he is gaming online.

Setting and Decor: There is not much the viewer can see in this scene, but the viewer could probably tell that Vork is sitting in his kitchen on his computer. The viewer can see the refrigerator behind him with the orange magnet on it and the cabinet above him. There is also a kitchen appliance above the refrigerator behind him.

Lighting: The lighting in this scene is mostly coming from the window behind him. The viewer can tell that it is daylight out. Vork might also have a ceiling light on in his kitchen as well.

Space: The space surrounding Vork in this scene is only the foreground because the viewer can only see a few things on each side of him.

Acting: In this scene, Vork is explaining to his gaming friends why he usually doesn’t leave his house. Vork is also explaining to Tink why he needs the babysitting money from Clara. He says that he spent half of his savings on lunch, which was $10.87.