A television show I have recently started binge watching, which is called “Shameless” has taken over my free time. The show is about a family of five children who are raised by their oldest sister Fiona in South Side, Chicago. Their father is an alcoholic and addict and their mother is in and out of their lives. They barely make ends meet and in the third season, they are even taken into foster care for a while. I mainly access the show through Netflix, but it is accessible through Xfinity On-Demand and Hulu. I usually watch the television show on my laptop, but I’ve also watched it on TV and my phone through different applications. The television show also has an active Twitter account where they can interact with fans and answer questions. They can also tweet news about release dates so fans know when to watch. This is all an example of convergence because it is a trans media series, combining Netflix with the latest popular television show that many people are watching.


Actors, writers, directors, and producers are all examples of cyborgs. Cyborgs mean that they mesh the lines of human and machine. Technology is mostly used today when writers and directors are creating new episodes and writing scripts. Technology is also used when recording scenes for episodes, which is where actors come in. Actors are always being filmed and require scenes that are usually made by machines. Emmy Rossum who plays Fiona in the series, has also directed episodes for the show, which relates to “Homework Economy” because even though she is directing the other actors during episodes, she has to film her scenes at the same time. In all, technology has blurred the lines between human and machine today because of television and film.