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The Setting of this scene is in front of Codex house where Zabu is bringing her flowers. This scene is more uplifting than the last one due to how he has a since of humor in this scene and he doesn’t have on the same clothes. The Costumes of the characters were more casual clothing in which they both show that they are young adults. How he brings her flowers but then she doesn’t remember him, which gives the scene more humor.

The only issues with this scene to me is the lighting. The lighting could’ve been done a lot better it brought a big glare behind Zabu making it hard to see. The glare indicates they don’t have a back light to help level out the numerous amount of light from the sun. The space I more of a 2 ground and mid ground because you can’t see behind him because of the glare. Overall the acting was a great to make the scene better, because he’s trying his hardest to talk to Codex but she barely remembers him. The more humorous a scene is the more interesting and funny people can make them.


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Do to the setting in the story you can tell that she is sitting at a kitchen table for an office desk. The reason you can tell is because of the shelves that look mainly like a cabinet. The flowers on the wall indicate that they have very low quality equipment for this scene. For them to make part of the kitchen in to a whole different room could’ve been done better. Due to the Shadows in the wall you can tell that they having lighting issues as well because it’s dark in places where the light supposed to show. If the lighting had more of a back light to show all the details in the story then it will make it more interesting to watch and catch people eyes more, with the work they showing off the lighting equipment they have now is very low quality.

The costume she has on helps people interpret that she’s a young business women, she’s in her mid-20’s working an office job. The Reason I say she is in her twenties is due to the fact of how she wears her hair and also the choice of her clothing. That leads to the spacing in this picture that shows more of a mid-ground and a 2 ground in my eyes do to the amount of shade and light that appears on the scene. Overall her acting was good I feel like her emotions could’ve been done a little better, but overall she had a great voice just got to work on the quality of the equipment.