During “Lost in Austen” technology was viewed in different ways, due to how it brought the present to the past and the past to the future. As seen during the scenes candle lamps were popular for keeping light back in early 1800’s. During the early times they didn’t have power generators or even electricity. Lamps in the present of Elizabeths scenes were ran through electricity, which was controlled by a switch. Technlogy was just starting to change once electricity came along.

Carraiges were the next big way of traviling within town and city limits beside trains. In “Lost in Austen” they used carraiges leaving from Mr. Benleys house. Carraiges beack then were as we know of cars, but instead horses were the engine. Changing over time from carraiges to cars was a significant time in history due to that people could get to places faster. Carraiges were soon gone after cars came along.

As seen in “Lost in Austen” the ladies were sewing up sacks to carry materials in. Hand sewing is a real traditional way of designing quilts and any material made out of cloth. As the ladies were sewing Elizabeth had a problem with poking her self with the needle. Technology now have sewing machines where isn’t slow but also creative then a person. Sewing machines helped people out alot exspecially on big projects.

The last object that I always found amusing that changed so fast in society was the Quil. A quil was nothing but a duck feather plucked and dipped in INK. A pen is now the term for it and is easier to use. A Quil always have to be re used with ink instead of just writing until you’re done with your statement, but a pen allows that. A pen made it easier for businesses and people to communicate. Overall Technology changes from day to day but these pieces here are some of the main ones that are used in everyday life.