Communication: “Communication is one of the most interactive activity in “Welcome to Sandtion”. Using Domino is a great way for communication due to people in our society today can relate to the video chats allowed by Domino. Video chat gave people another fascinating way to communicate and also a way for people to see each other. The viewers could  actual picture the stories and the characters due to Domino.

Stimulus and Response:  The Domino application has commands, just as people have voice commands they follow. Commands are an example of stimulus and response. Domino provides a easier way for people to communicate and to interact with one another. When people feel like they have power it makes, them feel better about themselves, and Domino allows the users to control the app.  Stimulus and response leads readers to all the hyperlinks that leads to videos and websites.

Exchange of information: Domino’s application having malfunctions is a great example because the internet always have issues with connections. Characters used Domino to communicate with other friends which was a way of exchanging information. In “Welcome to Sanditon” the characters communicated on Domino to let each other know about events going on. People were also using Domino to visualize their thoughts as the series went on and to also view what they posted on the website. It set the audience vs character reactions.

Navigation: Navigations was also a major factor using Domino. Domino allowed users to navigate the website and all videos, that were linked to the show. Navigation was major because it could play as another connection. Using Domino though was very easy due to how organized it was with its files.  Navigation also set the audience vs character reactions.