Marvel is the most famous world known for super heroes and has a great impact on convergence. Marvel has many shows and movies that air on Netflix, Hulu, Disney, Cartoon Network, Direct TV, and plenty more. Marvel has plenty of outlets to its company, such as video games, TV shows, websites and movies. I can watch a movie about Batman, and also play a video game relating to all the characters and missions in Gotham City. People around the world love Marvel movies and how they always change the outcome of characters, for example if you never seen DeadPool, but played with him on Mortal Kombat, they characterized him from not just being a killer , but to a hero with a killer instinct, also had a since a humor. Convergence is used through Marvel by the use of video games, movies, social media and their own website, which allows their fans to interact with their company.


Marvel has an comic book conventions where every one dresses up as their favorite Marvel Character, which are Cyborgs. The person that really has the most detailed costume wins a major prize from Marvel, due to show who’s the biggest fan. Some conventions even look for people to work with as they want to grow their company, which makes everyones dreams come true, just by being a great fan. Cyborgs are a great way to characterize a character out of a movie it really doesn’t have to the characters costume, but could dress at the character looked when a major shooting or fight happen and the character was beat really bad or body was different. Marvel interacts with it’s characters and fans enough that Cyborgs are a major way to do at least three times a year.