The technology difference in “Lost in Austen” and the “Real Housewives of Jane Austen” was especially seen in the jump from carriages in the 1800’s to the cars of the present. In the first scene, a carriage is seen and later utilized, but in the updated version with modern applications, carriages were obviously obsolete and therefore were replaced by cars.

When faced with dark rooms in the 1800’s you’d stumble around to find a lantern to fire up and illuminate those shadowy hollows and in “Lost in Austen” that was precisely the case, but by the time of “Real housewives of Jane Austen,” there were switches on walls, walls that had cables running through them, cables that connected to lights! Electricity was seen in this invention and may others throughout the modernized version.

Social media was also a huge difference. In the 1800’s, seeing new trends and catching up on the latest gossip was normally through word of mouth and seeing in public for yourself. By the time of “Real Housewives” however, you could whip out your fancy mobile gadget and instantly talk the hottest garbage about whoever, whenever and wherever you wanted.

Another large difference was the uses of quills as pens. Back then, one would dip their feather into the nearest inkwell, write up a perfectly handwritten letter and send it on its way. Now one would simply click their pen and push their mail into a slot, or even more correct, one would type up a long and poorly thought upon email and then send it into the internet.