Lost in Austen

Light bulbs

The first thing that I noticed was when Elizabeth turned on the light in the bathroom. She seemed so amazed at how instant it was. Going from candles for light-to-light bulbs would give Elizabeth more time to do other things. In today’s society it is easy to take light for granted. It is hard to imagine how much time and money it took to create light for homes.


Ms. Price tells the girls that she declined her boyfriend’s wish to marry her and they couldn’t believe it. This was a time where arranged marriages were trendy and women didn’t have much say if any at all. This would change everything about her life if Ms. Price had no say in her husband. It is a whole different way of living. Men would be in power and everyday life would be changed to benefit them.

The Real Housewives of Jane Austen


The bachelor portrays women as having no rights in her marriage and the man has all the say. This sounds a lot like women in the 1800s. They both are chosen by the men, start out not knowing each other, and degrade women. It’s interesting to see how hundreds of years down the road society continues to keep the same pattern with marriage.


Money has always played a huge role in societies pattern, scale, and pace. The more you have the more powerful you will become. The Kardashians are famous for their money and so was Mr. Darcy. The more money wins the women’s father’s hearts. It allows you to go and come wherever you please. The pace of your life slows to you choice and your rank is how much you have in your bank account.