In the 30 second clip assigned to me, Zaboo presents Codex with her new computer and Vork is about to reveal the Guild hall he is purchasing for the group. There are a few sound techniques going on in the scene but it is not a lot.

For starters, the first thing I noticed was this majestic sound playing on top of the speech Vork is giving about how he collect the coins he did to build the Guild hall. This technique is called diegetic. This includes any kind of sound being heard on top of the original sounds in any clip, basically if it is any sound layered on top of a clip that was not originally there, it is diegetic. But to be more specific for my clip, it is non-diegetic. Non-diegetic sounds are sounds that are happening in a clip that only the spectators (audience) can hear. Although Vork is giving this this speech to his fellow teammates, the audience are the only people who can hear the majestic music that accompanies his speech.  

When reviewing my 30 second clip even more, I found that there was even more happening. As the scenes switch from character to character, the sound perspective changes. The scene can be on Vork while he is talking through his microphone, then switch to Clara and Vork’s voice is muffled in a way to make it sound like we can hear what Clara is hearing through her computer speakers. His voice is only clear when the scene is on him. As the camera switches to different character’s perspective, we hear what they hear in the computer speakers. As each character speaks, and the camera jumps back to them, their voices are clear as if we are sitting in the same room.