Lightning:The lighting looks like light from outside, coming out of the window. It looks like it around 1 or 2 pm. The lighting is fine and it is not hard to see.

Costume: She is wearing comfortable clothing, her jewelry and undershirt matches her sweatsuit. It looks like she likes to match everything. It looks like she does a lot of work from her computer so why not be comfortable when doing so. Her hair is in a pony tail, and she seems to be a neat person. She also looks like she stays at home the majority of the day, so there is no reason to go all out if you are staying inside. Laid back would be a word I would use to describe her style.

Setting and decor: The setting in this scene is a room with a computer, I think this is her house and the area she does her work. The decor is some flowers in the background, it looks like she is trying to brighten up the room with the flowers. The flowers make the room have a nicer look, there is also a window in the background or a screen door.

Space: The space in this scene is normal, it just looks like a house of a normal person.

Acting: Very good acting, she is energetic and funny. She said slick comments, but they were humorous. She looks like she is someone who has a lot of things to do, she is a multi-tasker.


Costume: Their clothes seem to show that it is summer or spring time because they are short. They are not matching, but it seems to be in the early 2000’s. He looks like he does not care much about how he dresses.

Setting and Decor: The setting is in what seems to be the living room, there are couches and the room is set up just like an average living room in a house. There are plants in the background for decoration.

Lighting: The lighting looks like it is coming through the window from outside. The lights inside are not on because they have just entered in the house.

Space: The space in the room is normal, it is set up like a regular room and there is room o walk around.

Acting:  The acting is good, and they seem to be in to the scene, it is a a good scene.