In this scene we have Codex looking to her female guild mates for support as she tries to engage with the hot stunt man. Codex being a gaming girl doesn’t have much experience when it comes to communicating with others so Clara and Tink are often who Codex looks to for help. The camera is focused on Tink’s phone in her hands with high angle framing. This shot is a extreme close up. She is texting her date. We can even see the text on the phone that is sending to her date. From this we can see she is a good liar and/or possibly has a history of it. The scene backs out and is a deep focus shot. In the background we can see people drinking from solo cups because they are at a party. As the scene backs out we can see all three girls in the frame and the rate slows down. The use of the slow motion on that frame was used to make the girls look more seductive and flirtatious.  I see in this scene a contrast because a mom and gamer girls aren’t usually things that are seen as sexy.