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Clothes. Codex in this scene was dressed in a tank top or bra. She is dress very light and the clothes are also loose and revealing. From her surrounds we can see that it is currently dark time. This indicated that the costume she might be wearing are her pajamas.


Setting and decor. When looking at the background it clearly looks like her room. We can see her belongings in the back such as her guitar, books, and bed. The room is dark and there is no outside light coming in from the window, this indicates that it is currently nighttime. And she may be getting ready for bed.


Light. There is no real source of light in the back. There does seem to be a light in front of her. This light source makes it look as if she is looking at a bright screen of some sort. This makes it look like she is talking to the viewers through her laptop this is a good use of key lighting. Since there are no sources of light in the back that scene look like it is dark out.


Space- Codex’s room looks small and cluttered, giving off the vibe of a young woman who lives fast. The bed’s not made up in the back. The room is kinda small so we can see that she stays in an apartment. Also shows off screen space by facing the object that was being filmed showing her breaking the 4th floor.


Acting. In the scene Codex’s facial expression made it look as though she was surprised. The way she talked gave the scene’s mood and uncomfortable and awkward feeling. Her body language made her look closed off to the audience. 


Displaying Screenshot 2017-02-19 at 4.30.50 AM.pngActing. Zaboo’s mother did good with here accent to show emphasize her background. She plays the role of a mother well caring for Zaboo’s well being. She was also being over dramatic when she faded in the scene trying to get her son to come back with her.


Setting and decor. The setting that there are in clearly indicated that they are inside of a restaurant. Its looks like a hole in the wall. The specials are written on a dry erase board. Viewer can also see the fake plant in the back and small picture on the wall.


Costume. The lady in the looks like a server from the way she dress and is standing by the podium with a menu. Gives the viewers the sense that she is a server, while being dressed in her uniform. Zaboo’s mothers wears a bindi which is a decorative dot place on the foreheads of Indian women.


Lighting. This scene makes good use of key and back lighting. The scene also had a good back light to give life the background and make it look like a real restaurant. The frontal light as also so good, Zaboo’s Mother was in clear light to become she is the focus of the scene.

Space. The space of the restaurant is very open. Is not cluttered and unappealing to the eye. The space and atmosphere of the restaurants is good for a low budget web series .