The Do’s and Don’ts of Video Blogging

You may know the basics of transmedia production. However, are you able to put this knowledge into action?

I began video blogging the winter of my senior year of high school. As a way to cope with my depression, having a weekly art project was the perfect thing to keep me working when school work wasn’t enough.

First Vlog: I Swear 

There were many things wrong with this video; the framing, the focus, and the lighting are just a few examples. These problems would continue, only improving with experience. However, you don’t need to start off small as I did if you know what to look for and how to execute it.


-Speak with a large amount of inflection. What may sound ridiculous to you, sounds normal and fun when watching the video. The bigger you are, the more attention you’ll receive

-Get rid of dead space: Humans have very short attention spans. By creating fast/jump edits, you’ll be able to keep the information flowing without awkward silence. In my video “Finals Week as a Tomato Mermaid” I use these edits to make several otherwise dull moments into something funny and artistic(if you really call me playing around in a mermaid tail artistic).

-Talk fast. When you talk slow, you lose interest. Americans especially have a tendency to talk extremely slow and it makes the aforementioned human attention span go hay wire. Should you decide to execute this properly, you must also be sure to articulate. No matter how fast you are, it will not matter if the audience can’t understand you.


-Film in tuscan lighting. This is the one technical thing that should always be monitored. Even if you are filming in the evening, film with white light versus tuscan lighting. Avoid it at all costs!

–  Take yourself seriously. I cannot emphasize this enough. When you make yourself serious, you end up ruining the video and the fun with it. Don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself. People love watching video bloggers because they remind them of themselves. If you try to act all “high and mighty” you’ll end up making a fake persona. Just to show you an example, here is a video of me playing with condoms as my weekly video, solely because I had nothing else to do. It has become a fan favorite despite being a rather embarrassing thing for me to go through while my roommate watched: Condom Fingers

–  Mimic others. Obviously you will pick up on things that you’ve watched. AmazingPhil, Danisnotonfire, VlogBrothers, and Charlieissocoollike are all inspirations for me. However, I needed to develop my own style. There are quirks that you develop that are your own. You have your own personality, and while it may feel like it has all been done before, it really hasn’t.

– Rely on technology. You can film on a camera or a phone, it will not matter if your personality is boring. The best camera in the world will not make you famous. This is also true for editing software. I have been using iMovie for two years and have had not one issue. It gives you what you need, and you can edit to your liking.

Those are the most basic things I can think to tell you. Of course, I do not consider myself a professional as I am still learning every day. That’s the funnest part about vlogging, you have a trail of videos that show how you’ve grown and how you improve. In a way, that’s the best reason to video blog in the first place.  






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