Short Video Editing Project

1. Watch the “3/28 FINAL Video: Short Video Editing Assignment” on Moodle for a detailed overview / tutorial.

2. Create a short video based on your storyboard, edit the five shots together into a scene, and add sound. Should be no longer than 15-20 seconds, perhaps even much shorter.

2. Upload to YouTube.

3. Add your name (alphabetized) and link your video to our WordPress site. WORDPRESS WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO UPLOAD YOUR VIDEO. You must LINK it.

4. Submit on Moodle a document with your link and a short explanation of what you learned and / or questions you have about this week’s assignments.

50 points

Brianna Argenti

Cara Carlucci

Carmen Myrick

Chantin Tolliver

Chris Fiorino

Cody Taylor

Eric M Chestnut

Jaleel James

Jason Wintz

Jennifer Wiley

Justin Joy

Kasey Charette

Kennedi Brunstad

Kyla Bonelli

Leah Kohler

Natalie Daining

Shannon Prather

Taylor Farrow

Zachary Allnutt

Olivia Rodengen

Ryan Trinks

Parker Diedrich

Paige Johnson

Kayla Locklear

Sergey Bernier



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