FINAL Videos

This page is for your FINAL PROJECT videos, not your short video homework assignment. DO NOT post your short cyborg videos here.

Chantin Tolliver, “How to make jeans into shorts”

Cara Carlucci, “How to: Make Scrambled Eggs”

Carmen Myrick, “How to: Make Alabama Chicken Wings”

Cody Taylor, “Dr. PC McCensorship’s PSA on Philistine Technology”

Eric M Chestnut “Nikon D3300”

Erica Goodwin “Polaroid Zip Printer”

Jaleel James “Samson Carbon 49”

Jason Wintz, “Anxiety and Technology” 

Jennifer Wiley “How to Hide Animals in University Housing”

Justin Joy “How to Bake an Apple Pecan Pie”

Kayla Locklear “How To: Tye Dye a Shirt”

Kelsey Kramer, “Piece of Cake” 

Kasey Charette, “How To: Bake a Cake

Kennedi Brunstad, “Everyday Makeup Tutorial”

Kyla Bonelli, “College Hacks: How-To-Make Pasta”

Leah Kohler, “Broke College Girl: How to make High Waisted Jean Shorts

Natalie Daining, “How To Do an Abstract Painting

Olivia Rodengen Technology and Homework Vlog

Paige Johnson, How To Make Your Own Organic Deodorant

Parker Diedrich, “How to Take a Gym Selfie”

Ryan Trinks “The Internet of Things”

Shannon Prather “How to Make Slutty Brownies”

Taylor Farrow “How To: Meal Prep

Tiara Smith “The Evolution of Earphones”

Zachary Allnutt “How To: A Good Breakfast


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