Sounds of the Guild

My 30 second clip of the Guild was filled with a vast array of simple sounds that make the scene complete. The clip started off with a man on an intercom/ gaming headset, on the other side of a gaming chat room. The voice effect when the opposite party is giving their side of the conversation is added post production to give the feel of an actual chat room conversation. There was also an exclaiming effect added onto the gamer’s voice in the background when the other gamer called him his son. This adds an intriguing comedic effect, to not only inform the audience of an alternate story line, but also create a interesting conversation between the two characters.

The tail end of the clip included a flurry of intense keyboard clicks, and another exclaiming sound effect, more so showing that something was unlocked or upgraded. This helps captivate the severity of the gamer’s situation, which currently has placed them in a area not of their desire. The very end of the clip proceeds to unfold a conflict resolution between two other characters. One slammed her books on the desk, expressing her discontent of the problem the two where having. This caused her to be startled from her gaming session, therefore capturing her full, undivided attention, as well as the audiences’.


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