The Guild and Sound

This week, each of you will be assigned a 30-second clip (see below) of Season 4 of The Guild. Your mission is to listen to those thirty seconds very carefully and then to list and analyze the effect of the sound. Refer to the terminology on the Yale website and watch my videos for this week in order to get a feel for what types of observations can be made on the significance of using different sound techniques.

You will create a PAGE and link it to this blog beside your name. You should aim to write either one large paragraph or two medium-sized paragraphs. Don’t forget to post a link to your page on Moodle, along with a short paragraph on what you learned this week and / or any questions you have regarding the subject matter.

Good luck!

Allnutt, Zachary R.           1:00:50

Argenti, Brianna N.          1:01:15

Bernier, Sergey M.          1:01:40

Bonelli, Kyla C.                1:02:05

Brunstad, Kennedi S.     1:02:30

Burgess, James A.            1:02:55

Carlucci, Cara E.              1:03:20

Charette, Kasey M.         1:03:45

Chestnut, Eric M.             1:04:10

Daining, Natalie A.           1:04:35

Diedrich, Parker C.           1:05:00

Farrow, Taylor F. 1:05:25

Fiorino, Christopher    1:05:50

Goodwin, Erica Q.            1:06:15

James, Jaleel A.               1:06:40

Johnson, Paige L.             1:07:05

Jones, Princess M.           1:07:30

Joy, Justin D.                    1:07:55

Kohler, Leah C.                1:08:20

Kopec, Griffin J.                1:08:45

Kramer, Kelsey R.             1:09:10

Locklear, Kayla P.             1:09:35

McMurray, Kimberly E.  1:10:00

McNeil, Tyja J.                   1:10:25

Myrick, Carmen .              1:10:50

Pierrot, Frantzdy .            1:11:15

Prather, Shannon M.      1:11:40

Rodengen, Olivia M       1:12:05

Savage, Ramey C.            1:12:30

Smith, Tiara S.                   1:12:55

Spain, Jeffery D.               1:13:20

Sullivan, Banyon C.          1:13:45

Taylor, Cody M.                    1:14:10

Terry, Austin S.                  1:14:35

Tolliver, Chantin Q.            1:15:00

Trinks, Thomas R.             1:15:25

Vancampen, Shawna E. 1:15:50

Wiley, Jennifer M.           1:16:15

Wintz, Jason                    1:16:40


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