Interactivity in Sandition

Welcome to Sandition is a Pemberley Digital remake of Jane Austen’s Sandition novel. This series takes place in California in a town named Sandition. Its premise is that an application company makes a beta to an app named “Domino”. Domino is a mixture of messaging, video calling and phone calls. They release this to the local residents to test out the app and receive feedback about its development and features so far.

Welcome to Sandition makes certain types of communication like stimulus and response, communication, navigation and exchange of information.

Domino uses the video calling feature to bring communication to the next level over the cell phone. With this app they allow people to communicate through a phone face to face instead of over the phone or via text message.

Domino uses the stimulus and response idea of interaction by allowing the applications functions to be controlled through voice command. This makes domino very easy for the user to work with and also allows them to be stimulated in a positive way when the command is followed by the app.

As far as navigation goes Domino has an overall great navigational aspect to its functionality. The app allows you to again, use your voice to execute commands, everyone is given a username to show who they are and there’s also a website to use that is connected to a bunch of other social media websites.

Finally Exchange on information was a huge part of the glitches that domino had. In the show domino was having a problem with choosing what pieces of information to keep in videos and conversations. Dominos smart technology backfired in this was because of the glitch that kept making the app take mostly irrelevant information for whatever reason.


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