Cinematography and The Guild


This scene demonstrates how Cinematography can make a situation in media seem more meaningful or dramatic in this case. This was an encounter with multiple of the main characters such as Vork and Codex. In this scene they approach a gamestop, to try and get in line to get a special release package for a game. Upon their arrival they find this group of people who are there for the same purpose. They have a brief exchange about who will get the special release that gets pretty heated.

Instead of fighting of course Vork threatens to get the manager of the store to keep them away. The camera zooms in on the people who are speaking and goes back and forth quickly to capture their responses. By doing this it makes the conversation more dramatic and leads you to believe that there will be a heavier or more aggressive exchange of words, or that there is going to be a fight. Vork decides to go talk to the manager and his quick walk out of the frame leads the viewer to believe that there will be serious action taken. By doing all of this, the scene becomes more dramatic and leaves you with anticipation of what happens next.


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