Melanie Harris, Mise-en-Scene and The Guild

screen-shot-2017-02-20-at-7-35-16-pmIn this scene this is where Vork one of the main characters is telling The Guild about some bad news. He just found out about a member of the guild named Bladezz calling someone a fag online and got band for 24 hours.

  1. Costume-  The costume in this scene you can tell that he is wearing a collared shirt, but he is also wearing gaming headphones with tape on then. This shows that he is a serious gamer who is unemployed by hit taped headphone, but also want to make everyone seem like he is employed by dressing nice.

  2. Lighting- The lighting looks like main lighting coming from his house. There also might be natural lighting coming from his a window near by. There is no fill lighting because I see also of shadows on his face still.

  3. Setting/Decor- The setting looks like at his house in a room. The room could maybe be the his kitchen. You can tell his because you see cabinets behind him, a shelf that has a coffee mug on it, maybe a fridge in the corner and maybe a microwave.

  4. Space- In this scene, you can see particle background, but no foreground. You can tell that it is in a room and maybe a kitchen.

  5. Acting- The acting is very serious here. Throughout the season Vork does not show much emotion.


  1. Costume- The costume in this scene you can can see red jacket with purple polka dot on it. She is also is wearing a blue tank top underneath. This shows that she is not to worried about her clothes that she wears or she just woke up and started playing the guild. It also shows that she is chill laid back person.

  2. Lighting- The lighting looks like there is a main lighting in her bedroom that is probably above her. There also looks like there might be natural lighting coming from a window. There also may be lighting coming off her computer screen.

  3. Setting/ Decor- The setting looks like in a bedroom. You can tell this because you see her bedroom in the back  and a carpet. You can also see pillows with stuff animals and blankets on her bed. You also see a desk with  computer and some pictures on the desk. The stuffed animals and the room decor show that she is a little girl because she has a bunch of bright colors and stuffed animals.

  4. Space- The space seems very spread out. She has a lot of room to play her video games on her desk. You can see the most of the background and foreground. We are like a fly on the way where we can see the oblique perspective of the whole room.

  5. Acting- He facial expression is showing that she does not know what is going on like she is confused because she is holding her left hand. She should also be disgusted. We do not know for sure what emotion she is really feeling, but we can kind of guess.



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