Guild and Cinematography

  1. Create a PAGE (not blog post) in which you will embed and analyze the Guild’s cinematography as captured by you in one 5-8 second screencast (Download Screencast-O-Matic: PC USERS:     MAC USERS: You will then write a paragraph or two regarding the significance or importance of the cinematographic choices made within the section you captured.
  2. Finally, don’t forget to post in Moodle (1) the link to the PAGE you created, and (2) a short but thoughtful reflection in which you cite specific examples about what you learned by completing this assignment or questions that you still have about the subject matter: 30 points

Austin Terry, “Guild and Cinematography

Banyon Sullivan, “Quality in Cinematography

Brianna Argenti, “Cinematography and The Guild

Cara Carlucci, “Cinematography in The Guild

Carmen Myrick “Cinematography and The Guild

Chris Fiorino, “Cinematography and The Guild

Cody Taylor, “Grandpa Passed Away in That Chair

Frantzdy Pierrot, “Cinematography in the Guild

Jason Wintz, “Cinematography in Colors” 

Justin Joy, “The Guild and Cinematography”

Kasey Charette; “Cinematography in The Guild

Kayla Locklear “Cinematography in The Guild”

Kelsey Kramer, “Kelsey Kramer, “Stupid, tall, hot girl

Kyla Bonelli, “Kids vs. Mom”

Leah Kohler,“Cinematography of a Stumble”

Parker Diedrich, “The Guild and Cinematography”

Ryan Trinks, “Clara’s Time Alone

Shannon Prather, “Cinematography in the Guild

Shawna VanCampen “Cinematography and the Guild

Taylor Farrow, “Oh the drama..

Tiara Smith,”Cinematography in the Guild

Zachary Allnutt, “Cinematography and The Guild

Eric M Chestnut, “Cinematography and The Guild

Erica Goodwin, “The Guild Season 2 and Cinematography


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