The Guild and Mise En Scene



  1. Costume- Vork is wearing a suit like a lawyer or businessman would, he is unemployed though so his outfit really is a costume in some sense.
  2. Lighting- The key lighting in this scene is coming from the right of the picture. You can see on Vorks left shoulder much more light than his right has.
  3. setting/decore- This scene is taking place in a kitchen/ dining room area. It is very small and cluttered. The decore around is showing that it is very messy and unorganized in Codex’s house.
  4. space- this is a deep space, it has the foreground which is Codex, a middle ground which is Vork and a background which is the microwave and the window behind.
  5. Acting-Vork is essentially emotionless as far as facial expressions go….he always has a serious tone, never to be joking around.






1  Costume- Everyone in this scene is wearing casual/partying clothes. Wade is wearing a black shirt and a necklace, his shirt being opened to show the size he has on zaboo.

2 Lighting- The lighting is mostly coming from the top right corner of the scene. You can see how the light hits Wade’s face from that side.

3 Setting/decore- the setting in this scene is just a house party and a bunch  of people drinking from red solo cups.

4 Space- this is a deep space, wade is the foreground, the man behind him is the middle ground and the man sitting down in the back is the background area.

5 Acting- Wade seems to be upset, he is challenging zaboo to a fight but zaboo is declining. He is acting in an aggressive manner and showing this with his body language and tone.


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