“5 types of mise-en-scene”


“5 types of mise-en-scene”

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 9.01.56 PM.png

Costume:  Clara is dressed in a top in which shows she is able to be in business mode, but it’s not fancy enough for a real business meeting. It shows more comfort as it is not over the top.

Lighting: The only real light that is coming is in front of her, as the screen projects the light in front and the window projects from the side.

Setting and decor: It has the cozy home feeling, as the flowers and the colorful background which includes the small statues and flowers bring life and positivity into the room.

Space: The space in which Clara is working in is small but cozy as it isn’t too big but isn’t too small.

Acting: She is into the game and shows how much she is into it, but at the same time she is multi tasking and eating at the same time.

in the other scene : Zaboo and codex

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 9.01.23 PM.png

Costume: Zaboo is dressed in a comfortable style in which shows he has a unique style as he is wearing a dress shirt over his normal T – Shirt. Codex has a funky style which shows her wearing a T shirt you usually won’t see a female wearing, showing her sense of style and personality.

Setting and Decor: It is set in Zaboos place which has the comfortable vibe, as again the colors make everything pop out, creating a welcoming environment.

Lighting: The real only light is coming from the screen as they are interacting with there friends online. The reflection of the left side of his face and the top of her head shows the angle in which they are looking.

Space: Based on the video and screen shot, the space looks small. It’s almost looks like a living room and a game room where people can relax.

Acting: Codex is explaining to Zaboos what is being said in the chat as he seems very confused and she is doing her best to explain.


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